Technology Implementation Model for the Integration of Mexican SMEs into Global Markets

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Patricia Castillo-Galván

Abstract: One of the biggest challenges that SMEs in Mexico face for their growth, is finding a way to increase their participation in global markets. The global economic situation of recent years, after the pandemic restrictions, has made evident the fact that the micro, small and medium-sized companies (which in Mexico represent more than 95% of the established ones) require strategies that allow them to rapidly integrate into global markets in search of economic growth. Technological developments in the Industry 4.0 environment are presented as a tool that drives this growth, however, situations such as lack of budget, drop in sales, lack of government support, and general ignorance of technology and its use, seem to be barriers that SMEs must overcome at this time. Based on previous works (Castillo-Galván, P; Méndez, J. 2021; Castillo-Galván, P; Cervantes, L, 2020) where the Digital Technological Environment in the world is analyzed, this document presents a Technology Implementation Model for SME companies that allow them to establish individual strategies with a view to being able to integrate into global supply chains. The strengths and weaknesses of small and medium-sized Mexican companies are analyzed and a sequence of technological transfer and implementation is proposed, which they can carry out to respond to the demands of globalized markets.

Keywords: Supply Chains Management, Global Value Chain, Industry 4.0, Technologies, Innovation, agents, SMEs

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003729

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