Value-driven architecture enabling new interaction models in Society 5.0

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Authors: Elizabeth KoumpanAnna Topol

Abstract: Industries are struggling to deliver the information and insights required for top performance. They also need to invest in developing new knowledge to create a foundation of trusted data necessary for the cognitive business. However more change is coming, as we envisioned Society 5.0, new interaction models will be generated, enabling a move to connected industry ecosystems supported by value-driven architecture akin to the next generation of society-centric internet. Society 5.0 trends will cause a shift from the output-based business model focused on buy/sell/own for-profit interaction to the impact-based model. The new model will be a personalized and purpose-led service involving ecosystem participants from multiple industries and drive higher incomes for participants and additional business while decreasing the cost of acquiring customers. Trust and human centricity of that model will lead to advancements in :· Ethics, Impact & Purpose - open, trusted, peer-endorsed services and products.· Decentralization of Power - more loosely coupled ecosystems where ecosystem leaders release more power to participants to fuel the “network” effect.· Data Democratization - bring your data, data used for social and sustainable innovation.· Connected Cyber/Physical Society -the instrumentation of the physical world with IoT and Edge Computing.· New data sources and standards will combine existing data sets with new ones to set the foundation for contextual computing and highly adaptive cyber-physical systems for many industries· Resiliency by design - a guiding design principle that is not only a technology requirement but also a business imperative that will create opportunities for new entities like “Group Formed Networks” based on shared interests. In this paper, we focus on a solution tackling Society 5.0 problems based on a globally scalable platform that is trusted to preserve individuals’ and businesses’ privacy and confidentiality while using the data to create value alongside social and individual good—simply providing value while maintaining values. We will describe innovative architecture at both a societal and a technical level, resting on a logical framework in which several technology components interact to provide value to society. We address the industry dynamics of Society 5.0, tracking new business trends and drivers influencing social infrastructure, societal engagement, cohesion, and new value creation. We define the building blocks required to support a Society 5 ecosystem solution in the future, in alignment with new business models to promote economic development and solve social issues.

Keywords: AI, Society 5, digital transformation, human, centric

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003765

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