Optimization of turbine generator through vibration damping for maximum service life in power plants

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Steven Vusmuzi MashegoTimothy Laseinde

Abstract: Power plant condition monitoring data is essential in identifying unscheduled maintenance needs. The data obtained from monitoring the condition of a power plant over numerous years of operation indicates that the primary reason for the failure of turbo generators due to vibrations is the misalignment of the turbine centreline. It is crucial to identify problems with steam turbines to prevent load losses and boost the operational reliability of a turbo generator. This paper presents the vibrational characteristics of a 500 MW turbo generator and the performance boost attained through optimized turbine maintenance. Shaft relative vibrations were analyzed at run-up at 500 rpm with no load and at 3000 rpm with approximately 420 MW. The study found that the highest absolute pedestal vibration levels were reduced by 8.5% as a result of maintenance optimization.

Keywords: Vibration, turbo generator, turbine, maintenance, performance improvement, optimization, retrofit

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003783

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