A Case study on the implementation of maintenance strategies at an energy generation facility

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Timothy LaseindeSteven Vusmuzi Mashego

Abstract: This paper examines a case study involving the implementation of preventative maintenance strategies gleaned from a coal power plant's turbo generator. Turbo generators are an essential and fundamental part of the power generation process. Applying the right maintenance strategies and following the right operational procedures are crucial. This is done so that the machinery can be reliable. The research was conducted at a coal-fired power plant with an eye toward the eventual switch to cleaner forms of energy production. This research is essential because it will help inform plans and operational models when renewable energy sources like solar and wind power replace coal-powered turbines. Firstly, this paper describes various approaches to turbo generator module maintenance. Secondly, recommendations for future actions are presented after discussing the effects of human factors on a coal power station.

Keywords: Human factor, maintenance strategies, turbo generator, operational error

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003784

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