Building Information Modeling approach for Design and Operation of Electrical Substations Integrated with Geographic Intelligence Systems (GIS)

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Authors: Alexandre CardosoGerson LimaEdgard Afonso LamounierAndre Luis De AraujoArnaldo RosentinoAna Cristina De Freitas MarottiRicardo Oliveira Rocha

Abstract: In the context of the Brazilian electrical sector, there are no references regarding the application of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and GIS (Geographic Information System) in construction and maintenance of Electric Power Substations. Thus, this work proposes the integration of these technologies, since previous experiences in other engineering fields have shown promising advances that could be useful for the management and maintenance of the electrical power market. By associating these technologies, it is possible to obtain a more accurate mapping of the information related to the assets, arrangements, cabling, electronic components, etc. Moreover, in order to have this integration working properly, it is required to also provide a three-dimensional geometric database of the entire set of the electric power substation active components. In fact, the insertion of one model into a particular point of the substation project allows constructive, operational and maintenance information. Therefore, by combining BIM and GIS in the modeled families, it is possible to obtain more consistent information during the construction or maintenance phase. This will provide advantages in decision making, resources within the corporate communication and a better understanding of the environment related to an electrical energy substation. Additionally, the location conditions and the surroundings of the substation would be more precise and pertinent since the components of the substation will become geo-referenced. The association between these two platforms allows a more intuitive overview of the project, making them adherent to the planning, design, construction, operation, preventive and corrective maintenance. So, when applying these tools together, the company will obtain results almost immediately, since all managing features will be accessed through only one integrated information database. This proposal presents the very first results of the integration of BIM and GIS, in the context of a Brazilian electric company - Furnas Energy. Implementation results of the solution in the context of substations of the company are discussed and shows the availability of reducing construction/maintenance costs, alteration planning, logistics, prevention of possible accidents and also the possibility of updating information in real time.

Keywords: Electrical Substations, Building Information Modeling, Geographic Information System, 3D Modeling

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003949

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