Hackathon-based software development: Lessons learned from an internal corporate hackathon

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Georgios Christou

Abstract: This article discusses the qualitative evaluation of the results of a corporate internal hackathon, detailing its design, execution, and results . The article begins by noting the factors motivating the decision to perform an internal hackathon. Then the article describes the way the hackathon was structured to fit the corporate environment, the method followed to attack and solve the problem, as well as the outcome of the project undertaken and the effects on the team that participated in it. The article also examines the reasons behind the team’s attendance to the hackathon, and the intangible rewards that the team members reported.The results of the evaluation are that there is value in using the hackathon method for the development of new solutions, as well as for the integration of those solutions into the corporation’s existing software offerings. Another result of note is that several intangible rewards were expressed by the software developers. Examples of these intangible benefits included personal growth in the context of software development and strengthening of the team bond, thereby helping the team work more efficiently, with better communication amongst its members. Finally, the article proposes a software design and implementation methodology which suits the development done during a hackathon.

Keywords: Software, Process, Psychology, Methodology

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003771

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