Who Will Drive Automated Vehicles? - Usability Context Analysis and Design Guidelines for Future Control Centers for Automated Vehicle Traffic

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Authors: Sarah SchwindtAdrian HellerNina TheobaldBettina Abendroth

Abstract: In order to create framework conditions for the introduction of highly or fully automated vehicles in Germany, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has drafted a bill to amend the Road Traffic Act and the Compulsory Insurance Act. A key aspect of the bill on automated driving is the introduction of Technical Supervision. This serves as a fallback level and must be able to intervene from the Control Center if necessary. Since future Control Centers for automated vehicles will differ significantly from existing Control Centers in other contexts, an appropriate distribution of tasks between the Technical Supervision and the automated vehicle on the one hand, and between the personnel within the Control Center on the other hand, must first be found. Therefore, this paper describes the requirements for framework conditions, work contents and processes, the necessary tools and the qualification of the employees of future Control Centers, which were identified on the basis of an analysis of the context of use. Since an analysis of existing systems and the participation of actual Technical Supervisors is not possible due to not yet existing Control Centers for highly or fully automated vehicles, the analysis is based on a systematic literature review and an expert workshop.

Keywords: Control Center, Technical Supervisor, Dispatcher, Teleoperator, Automated Vehicle Fleet

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003796

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