I Want to Ride My Bicycle? - User Requirements and Usage Scenarios for Electric Cargo Bikes

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ralf PhilipsenHannah BiermannSimon HimmelMartina Ziefle

Abstract: The use of electric cargo bikes (ECBs) can be a solution for emission-free and sustaina-ble mobility as well as for relieving inner cities, which often suffer from air pollution, noise, congestion, and parking pressure caused by conventional cars. However, the successful integration of ECBs into urban transportation systems is highly dependent on their acceptance and adoption by users. Therefore, this paper uses an empirical survey (questionnaire study, N=180) to explore how different trip purposes and levels of prior experience influence the willingness to use ECBs. It could be shown that the perceived importance of individual ECB attributes, such as quality, comfort, or handling, is largely independent of previous experience and trip purposes. In terms of willingness to use, trips to bring children do not differ from shopping trips. Both find higher approval than the use of ECB on the way to work. The influence of previous experience can be seen in the fact that those who have used cargo bikes before show a higher general willingness to use them, but also a very low willingness to use them in adverse weather conditions. For personal attitudes, such as environmental awareness, only weak effects were found regarding the willingness to use.

Keywords: Electric Cargo Bikes, Technology Adoption, Willingness to Use, Trip Purposes, Environmental Awareness

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003798

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