Exploring Proactivity in Human-Vehicle Interaction: Insights for proactive interaction Design

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Li JingluXiaohua Sun

Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving, and systems are becoming more proficient in collaborating with humans. These systems not only respond to users' requests but can also anticipate their potential needs and meet them. However, the understanding of proactivity in the context of human-vehicle interaction is limited, and existing research is based on common sense rather than a clear concept of proactivity. In this study, we explore the theme and concept of proactivity in human-vehicle interaction through a literature review and case study. We also provide insights about the content that needs to be designed for proactive interaction. The study's findings will help researchers and designers better comprehend proactive interaction in the new relationships between humans and vehicles and support interaction design in this field.

Keywords: Proactivity, Proactive Interaction, Autonomous Vehicle, Design Contents

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003804

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