The new interaction mode of human-vehicle in automatic driving: Overview of the Reification-Perception interaction

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yikai ZhongXing ChenDanhua ZhaoZhizi Liu

Abstract: Under automatic driving, the driver and the vehicle systems control the vehicle together, interface interaction is no longer the main form of human-vehicle interaction. The new interactive form based on the reification-perception of the vehicle interior through the technology cluster emerge. The Intelligent Interior is capable to perceive the user and then makes the feedback close to the prior experience of users. Based on the review of the characteristics of human-vehicle interaction in the Intelligent Interior of the vehicle, this paper named human-vehicle interaction as Reification-perception interaction(RPI), and summarizes the current trend characteristics of human-vehicle interaction. Current study suggests that the RPI could be the new form of human-vehicle interaction formed by the cross-fusion of multiple interactions (Whole-Body interaction; Natural Interaction; Entity interaction). This paper proposes the relationship and structure mode of RPI which provides an appropriate and novel research direction for the human-vehicle future study.

Keywords: Reification, Perception interaction, Pre, empt perception, Entity interaction, Whole, Body interaction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003809

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