Topological Shape Differences in High-speed Trains from a Human Perspective

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jingming MaPeng Ji

Abstract: The shape of high-speed trains is a combination of engineering and design, taking into account both performance requirements and aesthetic form. With the increase of operating speed, the shape design and aerodynamic research need to be synergistically unified. Different topological shapes have large differences in air resistance and aerodynamic noise, so trains in different regions have their own characteristics in terms of shape. By analyzing the evolution of the shape spectrum of high-speed trains in each platform in the world, we extract the genes of high-speed train aerodynamic performance shape, and analyze the regional characteristics and the influence of human factors on train shape to help the brand construction of high-speed trains in different regions.

Keywords: High speed train, Topological profile, Humanistic factors, Regional characteristics

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003811

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