Construction of evaluation index system for vehicle occupant's riding posture comfort

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Huimin HuJianglan ChenWei LiLing LuoDaoqi SuYinxia LiWenlei NiuAnna Hao

Abstract: In order to improve the comfort of the occupant's riding posture on the car seat, research was conducted from the perspective of human body posture in two sitting and semi-recumbent situations. Firstly, key angle indicators that affect the occupant's riding posture comfort were selected, and an evaluation index system of the vehicle occupant's posture comfort was constructed. Secondly, according to the index system, a subjective user experience survey of 30 expert users was completed. Finally, the weight coefficient of the evaluation index system was determined by the G1 method, combining the evaluation results. This index system can provide a reference and basis for the evaluation of the comfort of the car seat posture, and can be used to inform the intelligent adaptability of the vehicle layout and seat posture in the future.

Keywords: Automobile Seat, Occupant, Posture Comfort, Ergonomics, Evaluation Index

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003789

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