Chinese Drivers’ Attitudes toward L2+ Level of Driving Automation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Liping LiYurong ChenJifang WangXiaojun Luo

Abstract: In addition to SAE 6 levels of driving automation, the industry has introduced Level 2+ driving automation (L2+), which includes features such as Highway Driving Pilot (HDP), Automatic Parking Assist (APA), Valet Parking Assist (VPA) and Remote Parking Assist (RPA). A mixed-methods study was conducted to investigate the daily usage and attitudes of L2+ experienced drivers toward L2+ features. 395 L2+ experienced drivers in China participated in the on-line survey, and 11 of them joined successive validation interviews. The results show that HDP and APA are the most commonly used features. Drivers experience more fun with tech from using parking features, while HDP provide users with relaxing time. Safety concerns are the main reason why drivers do not use L2+ features, which in turn decreases usage and negatively correlates with performance-related reasons for not using them. These findings suggest that drivers hold divergent attitudes towards L2+ features, with a focus on safety or efficiency. Such findings can guide product design and customer education.

Keywords: Highway Driving Pilot, Automatic Parking Assist, Driving Automation, Customer Attitudes

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003831

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