The Design Thinking Practice of Future Urban Public Transport Service under the Thinking of Double Diamond Model

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yifei Wang

Abstract: In the post-epidemic and digital era, with the rapid development of autopilot technology and transformation processes of society, the project aims to study the service design strategy and specific scheme of the transport system in complex urban public environments for the future. Based on the divergent convergence and iterative characteristics of the double diamond model, the collaborative design of community residents and professional design based on research methods and design tools were connected to carry out design practice and envision future scenarios intertwined with physical and digital in the autopilot system. In this paper, the whole process of transport in the urban scene was investigated, the key pain points of users and corresponding design opportunities were sorted out, and the service system framework of future transport in urban settings in the future era was proposed. The key touch points of transport services for residents in urban scenes were explored to form integrated design interventions of convenient, considerate, constructive, and inclusive products and systems. The innovative solution with strong integration in this project is conducive to better grasping the product and service forms of transport at the grassroots level and improving users' positive feelings, sense of participation, and experience in the autopilot system in their daily life, thus improving the quality and availability of public transport services which have a positive impact on the efficiency and sustainability of urban areas.

Keywords: Human, Computer Interaction Design, Integrated Product Design, Urban Public Transport Service Design, Double Diamond Model, Design for Future

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003835

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