Developing an Adaptive Instructional System for Simulation-Based Lifeboat Training Using Instructor Feedback

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Authors: Jennifer SmithReza Zeinali TorbatiRandy BillardBruno EmondBrian Veitch

Abstract: Integrating adaptive instructional systems (AIS) into simulation-based lifeboat training creates the opportunity to customize instruction and practice to meet the individual needs of trainees. Embedding an AIS into lifeboat simulation could make training more accessible for on-demand and remote learning applications such as practicing lifeboat coxswain duties while onboard vessels. An AIS evaluates performance, tailors instruction, and delivers practice exercises using four key models: the domain knowledge, the student/learner, the instructional framework, and the user interface. This paper applies a human-centred approach to developing the instructional model for an AIS to ensure the adaptive simulation-based training is attuned to the learning strategies of seafarers. Specifically, we gathered information from users of the lifeboat simulators by conducting semi-structured interviews virtually with three lifeboat instructors. The instructors were asked questions about how they provided instruction, assessment, and feedback and to comment on video examples of lifeboat operations in a simulator. The videos depicted a trainee launching the lifeboat, clearing away from an offshore installation, and manoeuvring the lifeboat in the simulator. The instructors explained how they use simulation-based training to help trainees practice lifeboat operations and build the trainees’ confidence and leadership skills as coxswains. Information from the interviews was used to develop a conceptual instructional model for an AIS. Future work will integrate the instructional model into the AIS and test its functionality for providing adequate instruction, deliberate practice opportunities, and corrective feedback to trainee lifeboat coxswains.

Keywords: Lifeboat Training, Simulation, Based Training, Adaptive Instructional System, Instructor Feedback

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003853

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