Training and competency development on virtual safety training

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Janne HeilalaEbo Kwegyir-AffulJussi Kantola

Abstract: In this paper, we explore cutting-edge technologies that enable virtual safety and control systems, drawing upon both traditional and recent literature on human system integration in operational contexts. Our objective is to enhance mission effectiveness and human well-being through the recommendation adoption of virtualization techniques. To achieve this, we design virtualized missions that facilitate the adoption of operational procedures across different organizational teams. The development of successful personnel simulations demands experience in creating training scenarios in industrial open field environments, leading to improved virtual safety experiences for personnel with reduced training infrastructure needs. Our findings reveal that networking-based virtual training and human system integration, implemented on a system-to-system basis, can support physical simulations. By integrating artificial intelligence, we can enhance data collection and support human operations. Future research should focus on refining training and competency, with a particular emphasis on improving data capture and information processing to bolster human decision-making and performance.

Keywords: virtual training, industrial training, competency development, european manufacturing, internet of things, human systems integration

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003875

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