Task-Based Design Method of Civil Aircraft Cockpit Dispatch Message

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Lingchen ZhouZuo PianpianHongyu Zhu

Abstract: The dispatch is the key to Civil aircraft flight work.Dispatch message is the equipment failure information that affects aircraft dispatch. It is mainly used to assist the crew or the maintenance personnel to carry out dispatch work more conveniently, and can also be used to remind the crew of aircraft failure status during flight. A good design of dispatch message interface can help the crew or maintenance personnel quickly identify aircraft failure and make dispatch decisions during dispatch, reduce the cognitive burden of people, and greatly improve the efficiency of dispatch.First of all, this paper introduces the dispatch process based on MEL,and then analyzes the functions of the dispatch message interface design according to the cognitive characteristics of the crew, based on the user's use and cognitive needs, analyze the functions of dispatch message interface design,put forward a task-based design method for the dispatch message display interface of civil aircraft cockpit from the aspects of the content, layout and display mode of the dispatch message display interface.

Keywords: Dispatch, Interface design,Based, task

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003919

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