Exploring the Application of Virtual Digital Human in the Transmission of Food Culture

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Authors: Shuwen QiuZixuan HuangRen Long

Abstract: Food culture is an important branch of traditional Chinese culture, and it is an important medium for carrying civilization, memory and emotion. With the development of the Internet era, traditional food culture is gradually facing various challenges. First of all, the spread of traditional food culture is breaking down, impacting the information content of the public's exposure to food culture. Secondly, due to the rapidly accelerating pace of life, young people gradually lack initiative in acquiring food culture content, focusing more on the taste and preparation of food, making it more difficult to access the deeper food culture heritage. Thirdly , the input of multiple cultures has brought impact to traditional culture, and the living space of traditional food culture has been compressed.Currently, virtual digital humans are widely used in the meta-universe ecology, in which they take on the important role of producing and disseminating information, so virtual digital humans play an irreplaceable role in the inheritance of food culture. Through market research and other methods, this study finds that the existing culture transmission class platforms lack certain fun and initiative; through literature analysis method, experimental method, interview method and questionnaire method, it aims to prove that virtual digital human can play the role of connecting culture and life, and it can transmit the traditional Chinese food culture in a more amiable way.

Keywords: Food Culture, Cultural Heritage, Virtual Digital People, Meta Universe

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003926

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