A study of the development status and purchase intention factors of metaverse NFT collectibles

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Junping XuHui LiChaemoon YooYounghwan Pan

Abstract: During the COVID-19 epidemic, museums and visitors are moving from offline to online, the age of metadata is upon us, global digitization is increasing, blockchain technology is maturing, the NFT trading market is active, and collectibles are the most popular and fastest-growing category. China is at an early stage but developing rapidly. In the study, first, the differences between NFT collectibles in China and other countries are analyzed through literature and cases, and the platform of NFT collectibles in China is analyzed; then, the dimensions of the perceived value of NFT collectibles are summarized and obtained through user interviews; finally, a theoretical framework based on multidimensional perceived value on users' purchase intention is established and validated through expert interviews. The study facilitates the analysis of Chinese NFT collectibles, thus generalizing the benefits of multidimensional perceived value, which is essential for future development.

Keywords: Metaverse, Perceived Value, Chinese NFT collectibles, Purchase Intention

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003936

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