Avatar construction methods and applications in the metaverse

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ying Dong

Abstract: In 2020, mankind has entered the critical point of virtualization, and the explosion point of the meta-universe has put forward higher requirements for the construction of virtual avatar. This paper deals with the form upgrading of virtual avatar in the meta-universe and investigates its construction method by combing and analyzing the construction of virtual avatar.Methods: Through literature research, the evolution of the definition and design of virtual avatar was analyzed, and the actual case was summarized. The framework and paradigm of virtual avatar construction in the meta-universe are summarized by combining the theoretical experience in the early stage with the technology provided in the later stage.Conclusion: The meta-universe breaks through the limitation of dimension, and gives mankind a broader and long-term space for activities in the space-time dimension. As a media form, virtual avatar expands the sensory dimension through "entry", "presence" and "interactive experience". With the expansion and simulation of sensory dimension, the boundary between real and virtual begins to blur. There is still a discussion on the internal transmission route, utility evaluation and multi-sensory construction of virtual avatar.

Keywords: Virtual avatar, Metaverse, Avatar identity, Flow experience

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003929

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