Optimization and decision making of design solutions for product development of wickerwork lamps

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Tianxiong WangLiu YangXian GaoTong YuQiang Yu

Abstract: With the popularity of the concept of sustainable traditional wickerwork, wickerwork lamps have become the most popular craft. When customers purchase wickerwork luminaire products, Kansei consensus has become a key factor influencing the communication between manufacturers and customers. Therefore, this paper establishes a three-level evaluation grid diagram driven by user attractiveness through Miryoku engineering to clarify the key perceptual appeal and design elements. Secondly, to solve the problem of subjectivity and uncertainty in product design solution preference, the design solution evaluation and preference method is proposed. For the key perceptual factors, the gray correlation analysis is used to comprehensively assess the priority order of evaluation indicators. Finally, the Vikor was used to evaluate representative product design solutions to obtain the best ranking of alternatives, and then the best product design solution was selected. The results show that the method takes into account the subjectivity and uncertainty of the decision making process in the selection of design solutions, which can effectively improve the objectivity and accuracy of the solution evaluation results and provide more objective and effective reference suggestions for designers to measure the quality of design results.

Keywords: User Preference, Fuzzy Vikor, Wickerwork Lamps, Production design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002986

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