The Evaluation Method of Cruise Ship Exterior Styling Imagery Based on Kansei Engineering and Analytic Hierarchy Process

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jiefeng LuJie JiangMengying TangLi Zhang

Abstract: In order to solve the matching problem between the acquisition of modeling features during the cruise ship design process and the cognition of the cruise ship exterior styling imagery after the design is completed, and to assist the designer in making a reasonable selection of the design scheme through styling imagery evaluation, the research group of this paper proposes a cruise ship exterior styling imagery evaluation method based on Kansei Engineering (KE) and analytic hierarchy process (AHP). The semantic vocabulary of the cruise ship exterior imagery is quantified and analyzed by using the methods of semantic difference (SD) and AHP, and the index system that affects the evaluation of the styling imagery is established. The weight of each evaluation index is calculated by constructing the judgment matrix, and the comprehensive ranking is carried out. Combined with the weights of the evaluation indexes of each level in the judgment matrix, the image fuzzy comprehensive evaluation matrix of cruise ship exterior styling is established to evaluate the four cruise ship exterior styling imagery design schemes designed by the members of the research group, and finally, the best image design scheme of cruise ship exterior styling is obtained. This method reduces the subjective factors in the evaluation process as much as possible and can provide an effective reference for the evaluation of the cruise ship exterior styling imagery design scheme.

Keywords: Cruise ship, Exterior styling imagery Integration, KE, AHP, Evaluation method

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002997

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