Product design based on Collaborative Kansei Engineering

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ceng-Juan WuTianlu ZhuZhizheng ZhangZhe ZhuYanqing LanBo Xue

Abstract: Collaborative Kansei Engineering is to achieve design optimization through multi-party collaboration and resource sharing, which can solve the problems of complex processes, large span of specialties, and long development cycles in each stage of design research. In this study, a collaborative design team was firstly formed based on the expertise, capability and working experience of different groups, and collaborative Conceptual Engineering was used to exchange and share knowledge on product design perceptual information and product attributes in order to speed up the decision-making process and improve design efficiency. Then, starting from the design task workflow, the tasks are decomposed and optimized according to certain logical relationships to achieve efficient design resource matching and improve the execution efficiency and controllability of collaborative design. Finally, the Design principles of Collaborative Kansei Engineering is constructed by considering the personal information of design resources, collaborative cooperation ability and other information. The results show that the approach to Internet product design based on Collaborative Kansei Engineering can improve the correct rate of decision evaluation in the product design process and improve the design efficiency.

Keywords: Collaborative Kansei Engineering, product design, collaborative design team formation, evaluation method

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002992

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