A method for product form design based on user perceptual imagination and product modeling constraints

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Tianlu ZhuYajun LiCeng-Juan WuZhizheng ZhangYu-Hui Ge

Abstract: To solve the difficulties in obtaining user requirements and establishing objective and effective product modeling constraints in product design , A research model of design method based on user perceptual imagination and product modeling constraints was constructed. Firstly, based on the collection of user information, the KJ method is used to obtain the accurate perceptual cognition of users about the product. To address the problem of strong subjectivity of data acquisition in the process of user imagery cognition research, on the basis of user perceptual cognition, the product perceptual imagery semantics is targeted to obtain user perceptual demand information.Then, the user data and the user perceptions obtained from the interviews are combined, and the user perceptual needs are derived through filtering. Next, the complex constraint theory is used as a guide to summarize the design constraint problem and establish the product modeling constraints. Finally, by integrating product perceptual imagination and morphological constraints, product design positioning is derived. The method model of this study can accurately derive a product design orientation based on user needs and objective constraints of the product, and improve design effectiveness and accuracy.

Keywords: user perceptual imagination, product modeling constraints, design methods, Kansei Engineering

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002993

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