Use of eye-tracking system to evaluate selective attention in Children with motor difficulties.

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Authors: Daniela IdrovoMartha CobosNataly AlvaradoPatricia Margarita Ortega ChasiEsteban MoraJaime BurbanoFrancisco D Salgado

Abstract: This study aimed to use the Eye Tracking System to assess selective attention. Researchers applied the Margarita's Test in a pilot study with a non-probabilistic convenience sample (N=30). Participants were schoolchildren aged 8 (15 males and 15 females). The measurement instruments used were the Margarita's and the Tobii Glasses 2 eye-tracking system. The results showed that 37.11% of correct responses were obtained if the first fixation coincided with the motor response. When analyzing the last fixation, the coincidence of fixations and motor response reached 81.3%, of which 77.2 % were correct. These results suggest that the use of the eye-tracking technology, jointly with the Margarita's test, has the potential to evaluate selective attention in children with motor difficulties.

Keywords: The Margarita Test, selective attention, eye tracking, motor disability.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003023

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