Unlocking Human Potential: The Power of Neural-Interface Technology measuring Cognitive Ability and Traits

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Janne HeilalaWaldemar Karwowski

Abstract: Technoking has recently launched cutting-edge neural-interface technology (Hamilton 2022). This kind of technology has the potential to enhance human performance and safety across a variety of fields. To explore its possibilities, this study has set up measurement situations by pre-registering EEG measurements and established future applications based on neuroergonomic laboratory-based training. Positive system intelligence has been found to enhance performance and reduce stress, and neurofeedback-based adjustment has been shown to increase performance for both athletes and manpower training. To test the effectiveness of this technology, the researchers employed a system integrator's approach from collecting real-time streaming data based on vignettes to measuring cognitive load alleviation via dockers, testing package-based cloud computing interfaces through web technologies. The results of this study demonstrate that system intelligence measures can be used to ignite practical innovation processes and select high-performing manpower, ultimately leading to gains in innovativeness. The study provides a pre-registration analyzing example adaptable case model that can be applied to diverse host platforms and databases in Unix machines. Specifically, it explores the use of system intelligence measures in the context of human resources employment criteria using post-modernity competency assessment for innovative recruitment practices. The study also investigates the main cost of the study and the safety of the equivalence based on the requirements of the environment.

Keywords: electroencephalography, EEG, pre, registration, brain, control interface, vignettes

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003025

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