Expansion of the System for Collecting Information on Hospital Incidents - Aiming to revitalizing on-site management

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yuriko ImuraYusaku Okada

Abstract: In medical facilities and general hospitals, a variety of information regarding incidents in patient care is collected and analysed. However, due to the large differences in knowledge and experience of on-site risk managers, previous studies have shown several problems with the data collected. Underlying these problems is the analyst's limited knowledge of human factors, IT, and management. However, it is very difficult to give more time and cost for safety training to on-site risk managers. Therefore, in this study, we decided to organize the results of past research on human error factor analysis from the perspective of on-site management. As a result, we were able to obtain a set of elements [elements for activation of on-site activities] for improving the ability of on-site risk managers to recognize, the willingness of on-site risk managers to participate in medical safety activities, and the management level of on-site risk managers. Based on the "Elements for Activation of On-Site Activities", we developed a prototype of an incident reporting support system.

Keywords: Incident reports, Risk manager, Human factor, Medical safety

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003034

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