Fixation analysis of affective picture processing in aggressive adolescent

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Diana PachecoAndrea Argudo-VásconezPatricia Margarita Ortega ChasiMartha CobosOmar Alvarado

Abstract: Aggressiveness is an emotional state associated with physical or verbal violence or destruction towards others or oneself. Aggressive behaviors in adolescents are a frequent reason of consultation in mental health care services because it generates negative consequences in the life of the person and their environment, in addition, it increases the probability of school dropout, psychiatric disorders and substance abuse. The study contemplates the presentation of images with positive valence and images with negative valence of the set IAPS to 60 adolescents who were previously evaluated with CAPI-A test, divided into 30 adolescents with aggression and 30 without aggression. The results were analyzed through an eye tracker and indicate the existence of bias in the visual attention of aggressive adolescents towards negative stimuli, while that non-aggressive adolescents tend to focus on positive stimuli.

Keywords: aggressiveness, adolescents, eye tracking, eye gazed, affective stimuli, agresive

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003035

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