Cross-Cultural Analyses Between USA and Japan: Personality, Emotional Strategies, and Job Performance of Customer Service Employees

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Authors: Noriko Okabe

Abstract: The previous theory suggests that individuals may experience less stress when engaging in activities that are personality congruent. In this research, the author first tries to answer what kind of personality in the Big-five personality model of customer service employees are more or less likely to practice better job performance. And second, this study tries to answer the question of the best emotional strategies, affective delivering, surface acting, and deep acting, to easily practice for the specific type of employees to perform emotion regulation tasks. This study also tries to answer the question of who can best manage their emotions to produce the required emotional expression without appearing insincere or experiencing increased stress. Finally, the author compares the result from the USA and Japanese data to reveal the similarity and differences between the two.

Keywords: Job performance, Personal traits, Emotional strategies, Customer service employees

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003082

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