Relationship between user characteristics regarding ICT devices and acceptability of new systems in Society 5.0

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Toshihisa Doi

Abstract: This study aimed to obtain a clue to consider the acceptability of the new system of Society 5.0 when conducting HCD for the new system expected to be utilized in Society 5.0. Specifically, this study examined the effects of the stress toward ICT equipment use, experience/skills in computer use, and involvement in ICT equipment use on the acceptability of the new Society 5.0 system. The participants were divided into clusters according to their ratings of their characteristics for ICT equipment use, and compared between clusters in terms of the acceptability of the new system in Society 5.0. The acceptability was examined by intention to use and difficulty in using the equip-ment. The results suggest that users with high computer experience/skills and positive attitudes toward ICT devices are relatively more receptive to new technologies and systems that utilize them in Society 5.0.

Keywords: technology acceptance, Society 5.0, ICT stress, computer experience/skill, product involvement

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003083

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