Exploration on the Method of Optimizing Figure Training under the Guidance of Ergonomics

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Authors: Yizhu LinXiaomei Chen

Abstract: As the civilization of modern society continues to develop at a high rate, women in the new era have begun to gradually realize the importance of scientific training in shaping a perfect posture. If Ergonomics is applied to body training, the human body structure and physiological and psychological characteristics can be fully understood. he training movements can be precisely matched to the body size, physiological structure and physical characteristics of individual women so that the training process can be more rationalized and the results maximized within the physiological tolerance of women. By combining the scientific theories of anthropometry, human anatomy and exercise physiology, this paper analyzes the cooperative and coordinated relationship between the normative and mechanical aesthetics of local movement training of women's shoulders, waist and abdomen, and legs. Through the comparison of experimental data, it reflects that the scientific combination of aerobic exercises, muscle training, and flexibility training can not only correct women's bad body deformities and optimize their physical posture but also fully satisfy women's physiological and psychological multiple feelings and even provide some experience and references for better-promoting women's health and scientific body training.In this experiment, 100 female students from the Dalian Polytechnic University modeling program were selected for the study and trained for 5 months. Moreover, the experiment analyzed the specific changes in the students' body structure and aimed to provide a practical and feasible method and theoretical basis for scientific body training.

Keywords: Ergonomics, morphology, body form structure, physiology, psychology, empirical research

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003966

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