Globalisation, cultural pluralism - on the need for (meta)analytical assumptions of career theory for cross-cultural career counseling practice

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Authors: Agnieszka Cybal-Michalska

Abstract: The qualitative aspects of the evolution of relations between globality and locality, society and the individual, and their links, are not without consequence for the multicontextual changes in the labour market, which present new challenges to employees. This vision implies completely new ways of interpreting the world in which “a career makes a career” – they are problems of „a borderless career”, „a varied career”, „a post-corporate career” as a novum, of sorts, in the planning of a broadly understood career, the rise in importance of having a career and the ability to plan, manage and monitor one’s own career in the perspective of one’s whole life.The consideration discusses the need for (meta)analytical career theory assumptions for the practice of cross-cultural career counseling. The author emphasizes that there is a need to generate new approaches, which will cross the boundaries defined by partial paradigms so that they will be relevant in the 21st century. Moreover, she raises the question of how to "manage" the rich heritage of career theories of the late 20th century, while at the same time increasing their theoretical-cognitive value. Another aspect that justifies the need for critical reflection on the reliability of theoretical perspectives is the study of methodological instrumentation that takes into account culturally shaded social and professional aspects. A special place is given to the constructivist school of thought and theory of career construction by Mark L. Savickas, which is said to focus on the nature of the social world and refer to the domain of life involving career and its proactive construction, by simultaneously presenting a new perspective on the participation in the global changes. Changes in the world of “borderless” careers shine a new light on the problem of individual proactivity – an individual’s proactive behaviours in their career.

Keywords: Globalisation, world of “borderless” careers, cross, cultural career counseling, heritage of career theory, career construction theory, proactivity

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003080

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