Comparative technical-economic study of a reinforced concrete building and a building with prestressed prefabricated elements. Samborondón - Ecuador

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Authors: Leonardo VillacresesBoris Orellana-AlvearNatalia Pacurucu

Abstract: This work is aimed at recognizing the system that has more advantages and technical, environmental, and financial efficiency between buildings using a reinforced concrete structure and this same building with prestressed prefabricated components; from establishing the design of a building that has reinforced concrete and that same building has prestressed prefabricated components, create a technical comparison study of a reinforced concrete buconstructionogether with a structure of prestressed prefabricated components, create a financial comparison study of a building that is made of reinforced concrete together witnetworkture of prestressed prefabricated components, Carry out a comparison study according to the environmental scope of a reinforced concrete construction that has a structure of prestressed prefabricated components. In conclusion, it is observed that according to the technical part, it has the advantage of the reinforced concrete system over the conventional one that provides mental comfort to the promoters in some cases. As far as prestressed concrete is concerned, there are advantages as such time-whichhichich results from the simultaneity of the activitiesandnd, e ease of selecting more lights between the support,t,s and the lower valuTheages are the handling and implicit risks, transportation and lifting of these components, which can be avoided with proper planning, a certain reliable schedulechnician responsible for the project which is hawhiccanfacturing parts of these elements, minimizing errors. The conclusions above only represent this comparison accorconclusions above cited. Not always does the assembly and manufacture that is in prestressed concrete lower cost, so it depends on the project.

Keywords: Technical not always, economic study, Building, Reinforced concrete, Prestressed prefabricated elements.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003956

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