Knowledge Structuring by discussing purposes of each action in Procedure-based Knowledge Graph

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Koki IjuinTakuichi Nishimura

Abstract: The need to acquire knowledge at the manufacturing industry and service site are growing due to the aging society and the experts are retiring from employment. This may cause the loss of knowledge, so the need for assist collecting and maintaining expert knowledge.There are several trials to share the knowledge with work manual or instructions, although the knowledge of the experts such as purpose or decision-making rules of experts are still not obtained.We proposed a new method of collecting and articulating that knowledge using two separated knowledge graphs, procedure-based and purpose-oriented knowledge graphs.This method was aimed to link the multiple purposes to a single action node in procedure-based knowledge graph through the workshop.In this study, we proposed a method of expressing and structuring the purpose of actions in the work procedure. The first step is to structure the work procedure from the existing manual and other sources, and build up the work procedure knowledge.In this step, the purpose of an action in the procedure is considered and structured to build purpose-oriented knowledge. This step is done for all work procedures, and each purpose-oriented knowledge is fused.After that, look back on multiple tasks on a purpose-based basis and deepen a common understanding.After conducting a knowledge structuring workshop using the proposed method, we collected the questionnaires from the workers to evaluate the utility of the method and the knowledge.As a result, it was possible to construct work procedures and purpose-oriented knowledge, and to express and structure the purposes that the field members felt meaningful which they felt the importance from purpose-oriented knowledge.

Keywords: knowledge structuring, care, giving

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003116

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