New human engagement-first governance approach in craft startups

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yuriko SawataniNobuo Kanai

Abstract: The research finds a new relationship with customers through crowdfunding in the case of BrewDog, a craft startup. Originally, the concept of craft was regarded as a primitive form of manufacturing that was passing away. However, the Arts and Crafts Movement, started by Morris and others (1892) against the Industrial Revolution, was an attempt to rediscover the potential of human beings themselves. By rethinking the purpose of life as an anti-capitalist movement and analyzing craft startups, where symbolism, aesthetic qualities, and entrepreneurial identity are important elements, we found a customer profile as a future-creating partner that transcends the traditional relationship enabled by the crowdfunding mechanism.

Keywords: Craft Startups, Effectuation, Entrepreneurship, Crowdfunding

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003108

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