An Evaluation Method of Art Teachers' Cooperative Communication Ability Based on Task Situation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zhang YaoYihang Du

Abstract: To development an evaluation of the cooperation and communication ability of art teachers in colleges and universities. First, based on the teaching task situation of art discipline, the critical incident technique was introduced to carry out semi-structured interviews. According to the differences in teaching task situations, the art teachers' cooperation ability was scored from three dimensions: establishing and maintaining consensus, taking appropriate actions to solve problems, and maintaining team organization forms. Then, the indicators are set to form a language communication ability evaluation method based on the teaching task scenario. Finally, select front-line teachers with more than five years of teaching experience as the object, design and implement the cooperative communication ability evaluation experiment based on the above evaluation methods. The cooperation and communication ability evaluation experiment can be applied to the quantitative evaluation the performance of art teachers in their post capability. The cooperative communication ability evaluation experiment can provide a new idea for the quantitative and standardized method, and also provide a basis for the next step of developing corresponding evaluation software and tools.

Keywords: evaluation method, art teacher, cooperative communication ability

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003163

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