Early Education Robot for Preschool Children

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Sijia WangYuqi Li

Abstract: With the development of society, the rise of education level and the improvement of quality of life, young parents are increasingly willing to provide more abundant and comprehensive preschool education for their children, and preschool education products have gradually become a new trend. Our team will design a children's programming robot for preschool children, to establish programming thinking for children, increase pleasure of learning, and enhance parent-child interaction space. This design adopts the methods of questionnaire survey, user interview and literature retrieval to deeply understand the pain points of children's preschool education, the development status of domestic early childhood education products, and children's preferences, so as to determine the product use process, product function structure and product packaging. The design uses on-chip sensors and priority commands combined with ergonomics and perceptual engineering. Children can play arithmetic games through the combination of the main robot and the control panel, and parents can help children learn and play through mobile application. The product have the ability to cultivate and rich preschool children's scientific way of thinking and problem-solving ability,so that children can use scientific thinking to explain the phenomena and problems in the future, and they can get all-round learning and development at last. After the usability test, the interviewees and their parents believed that the design had certain educational effect.

Keywords: Preschool children,early education,robot design,ergonomic

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003169

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