Developing comprehensive sex education smart tools for the young generation with co-design: sex education for parents and children at home

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xiaoling LinShuai SunXuan He

Abstract: This article introduces the use of design as a communication scenario in collaborative design to provide a holistic, intelligent education tool in the home setting. One out of every ten children has been subjected to sexual harm of varying extents. Implementing children's family sex education can endow children with the required correct knowledge and attitudes regarding sex. Co-design can help the children's family design forms, arrangement of sex, and other sensitive issues relaxed mind. The design prototype to develop a joint design workshop between children and parents was created during the co-design process. The interactive professional books for lessons from discussing body perception and alarms to discussing sex education knowledge comprehensively were expanded. It was concluded that the co-design method is effective in sex education intervention, and smart tools can link sex education institutions with families and empower children for equal dialogue.

Keywords: Co, design with children, Family sex education, Anthropomorphic smart toys

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003153

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