User Experience and E-government Services: Lessons Learned about Developing a Benchmarking Survey

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Asma AldreesDenis Gracanin

Abstract: In this paper, we presented a personal reflection on designing a benchmarking web-based questionnaire to evaluate user experience in e-government. The questionnaire is based on a global conceptual framework that is proposed to evaluate users’ adoption behaviors of e-government services along with five significant factors affecting the adoption behavior. We developed this questionnaire and explained the validity and reliability tests. The validity testing incorporates the content validity ratio measure by contacting 16 experts in e-government and technology adoption to evaluate the questionnaire items. Hence, the questionnaire items were reduced from 55 to 24 items after addressing experts’ evaluations. Then, a pilot study was conducted using Cronbach’s alpha to evaluate the reliability of the questionnaire. We recruited 100 participants to answer the questionnaire and then evaluated its reliability. The results showed acceptable values of Cronbach’s alpha. Hence, the questionnaire is proven ready to be used after ensuring its validity and reliability.

Keywords: web, based questionnaire, benchmarking survey, user experience, e, government, validity testing, reliability testing.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003174

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