User Experience Design and Evaluation on Mobile Investment Application User Interface Prototype

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Authors: Chieh-Ju HuangJulio Kolopitawondal

Abstract: The present study aimed to investigate the usability of Ajaib, a mobile investment application in Indonesia, through the conduct of user experience research and usability testing. The previous study utilizing User Experience Questionnaires (UEQ) indicated that the original application fell short in the areas of efficiency, dependability, and novelty. Furthermore, the usability testing results revealed a low success rate, specifically in regards to "Access Learning." In order to address these issues, a high-fidelity user interface design was created based on the results of the previous study. The new design prototype was then evaluated through usability testing, with records and results being recorded through a usability test platform. 21 participants, who were considered beginner users, completed 15 tasks, with task durations and mistakes being recorded. The results of the UEQ on the new design revealed improvements in all scale, with a notable shift from neutral to positive evaluations for the category of novelty. Furthermore, the new design prototype was found to have effectively addressed the problem of completing the "Access Learning" task from the previous user interface. However, participants struggled to complete the "Selling Stock" task without errors. Future studies will involve revising the next version prototype based on the results of the usability testing and UEQ

Keywords: User Experience(UX), User Interface(UI), Mobile Investment Applications, Usability Testing

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003192

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