Enhanced User-System Learning Interface

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: De Vere-Michael Kiss

Abstract: This paper describes a new informational navigation tool to augment user learning and/or knowledge transference strategies for complex Human-System-Integrative (HSI) machines. The device is designed to augment a reduction in the amount of time required to navigate machine operating manuals when searching for operational information, including a) systems and systems integration, b) normal operational procedures c) abnormal operational procedures d) emergency operational procedures, and d) machine limitations. The device can be applied to many different domains including Academia (textbooks), Automotive, Aviation, Medical, Nuclear, Space, and any other domain requiring complex Human-Machine-Interaction (HMI). Current methods using paper and digital technologies are challenging to circumnavigate; they can make learning unreasonably problematic and laborious; and can require a large amount of the user’s time. As a result, operators can lose efficiency in time and cognitive development when utilizing current state-of-the-art methods. To improve learning resources, the Enhanced User-System Learning Interface (EUSLI), an Advanced Interactive Media (AIM), was developed. Preliminary tests using professional airline pilots (the users) and aircraft manuals (the knowledge transfer system) as the testing experiment, demonstrated an efficiency increase of 65.5% when compared to state-of-the-art methods. Additionally, results indicate increases in cognitive resources, cognitive compatibility, situation awareness, usability, and enjoyment (an emotive factor); and decreases in user fatigue and workload. This paper describes the qualitative and quantitative data and analysis of the research conducted in association with previous research of the Enhanced Pilot Learning Interface published with AHFE in 2018. The results indicate the current research study verified the findings of the previous experiment, with enhanced formative information to be included in the experimentation's conclusions.

Keywords: Advanced Interactive Media, Affordance, Cognitive Resources, HCD, Interactive Manual, Intuitive, Mental Model Attributes, Usability, Workload

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003197

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