Effects of Information Layout and Dynamic Presentation of Banner Advertising on the User Interface Design of Mobile Food Ordering Application

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Weimin ZhaiChien-Hsiung Chen

Abstract: With more and more users using smartphones to order food online, in order to attract users, advertisements are widely used in various mobile food ordering APPs (MFOAs). The presentation of information in the user interface of MFOA is an essential factor pertinent to the user experience. This study aimed to explore the usability of information layout and dynamic presentation of banner advertising in an MFOA's operation and to suggest future design improvements. A 2 x 2 between-subjects experiment was planned to help explore whether the information layout (i.e., list-style and matrix-style) and dynamic presentation of banner advertising (i.e., static and dynamic ads) affect users' task performance and their subjective evaluations. This experiment used a convenience sampling method, and a total of 32 participants were recruited to participate in the experiment. Data collection for the experiment included participants' task performance, subjective ratings on a 7-point Likert scale and semi-structured interviews. The generated results revealed that: (1) Information layout with different types affected the participants' task performance; (2) Dynamic presentation of banner advertising affected users' task performance; (3) Information layout affected participants' subjective evaluations of the degree of preference and attractiveness; matrix-style was better than list-style; (4) There was a significant interaction between information layout and dynamic presentation of banner advertising in the subjective measure of the degree of preference, list-style is rated significantly higher in static ads than in matrix-style. However, the opposite result is obtained for dynamic ads. The findings generated from the research can be a good reference for developing the user interface design for MFOAs.

Keywords: Mobile food ordering apps (MFOAs), Information layout, Dynamic presentation of advertising, User experience

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003200

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