Analysis of User Interaction Behavior on Sina Weibo under the Context of Intelligent Technology

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xue XiongLin Li

Abstract: As one of the prevailing social media in China, Sina Weibo maintains its position by utilizing artificial intelligence technology in recent years. This study explores the interaction behaviors of Sina Weibo users in terms of following, commenting, and reposting by social network analysis and discusses the intelligent technology applied on the platform in order to understand the characteristics of user behavior under intelligent background. Based on analysis of data collected from Sina Weibo, it has been proved that the density of the following relationships between users is not particularly close and users' following behavior tends to be "related" or "interest-based"; A small number of users are highly followed and a few posts attract many comments; users' reposting activity tends to be more frequent than commenting. The user's behavior has certain characteristics under the intelligent background. We believe that this study has a certain reference value for the development of social media, and can provide some insights into the interaction design and user experience design under the influence of intelligent background.

Keywords: User Behavior, Interaction Design, Weibo, AI Technology, User Experience

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003206

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