User Experience on the Telecare System Menu Design with Handheld Devices

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Authors: Che Liang-YuanChien-Hsiung Chen

Abstract: Telecare systems for handheld devices can support people who need medical help in a faster way through technology. This study is a continuation of the previous phase of the research and will design a prototype of a handheld device pertinent to a telecare system. The purpose of this study aims to investigate the user experience of telecare systems with handheld devices.In the previous phase of the study, most participants thought that the telecare system should have a clear information framework and function list to reduce the visual interference on the page and improve search efficiency. In particular, the functions in the "System Functions, Find Consultant, Hot Consultants" section should be clearly delineated. Therefore, the research design and experimental variables will primarily focus on the users' needs for remote care functions and the interactive menu interface design of the system. That is, the study will investigate the users' requirements for menu functions and the usability of the interactive interface of the system. The primary research method is a two-factor mixed experiment with a purposeful sampling method. Participants will be invited to take part in a usability test of the menu interface and will fill out a questionnaire after performing all typical tasks. Semi-structured interviews will be conducted with a representative sample of participants.After the experiment was completed, a two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) will be conducted to investigate the main effects and interaction effect of the variables on the interactive user interface usability and users' subjective evaluations, such as psychological load, preference, and satisfaction. Through this study, it is hoped that the internal feelings of users when operating and interacting with the system can be understood via this study. The research results can be used as a good reference for future interface design of telecare system for handheld devices.

Keywords: Telecare systems, Handheld device, Menu design, Interactive design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003210

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