Design of Smart Subway Travel Products Based on Scene Theory

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Huai CaoXinyue Gong

Abstract: In recent years, thanks to the development of digital, subway is no longer just a means of transportation to meet people's fast travel, but can meet people's diverse needs and provide rich and thoughtful humanized services.In the process of smart city construction in China, new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and 5G are increasingly applied to urban rail transit. "Smart subway" is developing rapidly everywhere. Services such as intelligent navigation, face scanning, automatic temperature measurement and other services are gradually entering the subway of some cities. It improves the experience and efficiency of people's travel.This paper takes the internal product facilities of subway trains as the research object and conducts desktop research based on Context theory. By gaining insight into the behaviour and experience needs of subway passengers riding scenarios, design opportunity points for optimising the product experience are derived and combined with design tools to solve the problems currently encountered by passengers when travelling on trains in order to improve the user experience.

Keywords: Scene Theory, Subway, Product Design, User Experience

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003214

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