An automatic layout method of children's book covers based on design aesthetics

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zhang YiranXiaojun Liu

Abstract: This paper focuses on children's book covers and further investigates the automatic typesetting algorithm for book covers based on the aesthetic measure algorithm. Before designing the algorithm, the element composition and relative positions of current common children's book covers were analyzed, and common types of cover elements and their identification methods were derived and their positions were quantified. The intermediate values of the positions of each type of element in the book cover in the sample were obtained, and then the initial positions of each type of element in the experimental elements were assigned according to the recognition results. And then this paper proposes an automatic displacement algorithm by generating random class objects with random seeds and then generating random numbers with the help of this object so that the objects can be displaced irregularly on the page to produce a large number of combinations with high aesthetic values. In order to verify the effectiveness of the automatic layout method given in this paper, the book cover layout is generated on the basis of the random given element size and the higher interface aesthetics values are calculated.

Keywords: design aesthetics, typesetting, design evaluation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003218

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