Construction of Key Index System of Product Usability Design Based on User Operation Behavior -- An Example of the Intelligent Ultra-cryogenic Refrigerator

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Authors: Zhāng PíngHanyu WangHaokun TianRuzhong Li

Abstract: There is a contradiction between the increasing complexity of product functions and the ease of operation. This resulted in the ubiquitous usability problem of products. In view of the mismatch between product usage and user behavior logic, this study systematically analyzes the usage of product from the perspective of user behavior logic, and explores the usability requirements of intelligent ultra-low temperature refrigerators. This paper combines the theory of usability engineering to correlate usability requirements with product design elements. Correlation co-efficient and, weight are calculated by gray correlation analysis and the order relation analysis, and the key indicators of usability design of product are extracted, which provides key indicators, which provides key indicators for product optimization design, quantifies user demand, improves product usability, realize the interaction, mixing and symbiosis mode between human and intelligent machine. In the process of research, providing the intelligent ultra-low temperature refrigerator as an example. As a biological sample or special work piece manager, intelligent ultra-low temperature refrigerator is of great significance for speeding up medical research and promoting industrial development. This study constructs the key index system of product usability design. And by the user knowledge and design knowledge effectively matching to improve product availability, enriched the theoretical system of human-computer interaction design and usability, and provided decision basis for iterative innovation product design, reasonable allocation of resources.

Keywords: Behavior Logic, Product Usability Design, Key indicators, Intelligent Ultra, cryogenic Refrigerator

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003219

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