Interaction Design Strategies for Cultural Relic Information in a Mixed Reality Context

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Chenlu LiSonghua Gao

Abstract: This paper focuses on the issue of how to design cultural relic information interaction in a mixed reality context. Taking the perspective of cultural relic information interaction design as the entry point, and combining the mixed reality context and characteristics, a design strategy for cultural relic information interaction design are proposed, which provides a basis and reference for cultural relic information interaction design and helps to improve the user experience. Using interdisciplinary cross-research and deductive methods, the design strategy are proposed at the level of strategy, scope, structure and presentation, and a practical application is carried out to validate the design strategy, using the Luohua bird embroidered jacket as an example. By analysing the concept and characteristics of mixed reality contexts, new opportunities for digital product design from the three dimensions of computer, human and environment are identified. The design of natural interaction techniques, design theories of natural human interaction behaviour, and theoretical support that can enhance user experience in rich application scenarios provide for the design of cultural relic information interaction. At the same time, it further extends the application of mixed reality contexts in the field of cultural relic information dissemination. Expand the explanatory power of cultural relic information. From the level of public awareness: it helps the public to better understand cultural relic information, gradually love traditional culture, improve their awareness of cultural relic information, and then develop a sense of cultural identity. From the level of cultural popularisation: to improve the breadth and depth of popularisation of cultural relics information, to help promote the dissemination and transmission of cultural relics information, while expanding the effective transmission of cultural relics information.

Keywords: Mixed Reality, Information Interaction Design, Cultural Relic Information, Luohua Bird Embroidery Jacket, Design Strategy

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003220

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