Design of the living room based on the survey of children's parent-child families - Take Shanghai as an example

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Authors: Ezaes Rashad Sultan AlazaziLinong Dai

Abstract: People's living standards have improved with the continuous development of the times. The lifestyles of today have changed dramatically, which has led to an increase in living space requirements. Additionally, young children's growth is particularly concerning to many people.The living room serves as the focal point for family communication and emotional interaction. Consequently, the living room receives more attention.We begin this paper by examining the family lifestyles of modern Chinese consumers, examining the life patterns of children's families, and demonstrating the importance of the living room through research, using the Shanghai area as an example, in order to improve the home market's understanding and attention to parent-child users so that products that fit their needs can be developed.

Keywords: living room, children, home design, user research

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003226

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