Using Linear Regression to Investigate the Relationship Between User Experience and UX Components in Cryptocurrency Wallets

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Kimin KwonSung H. Han

Abstract: This study investigated the relationship between User Experience (UX) and UX components in cryptocurrency wallets. A user evaluation experiment was conducted on two selected cryptocurrency wallets, CoinUS and D’CENT, using 32 individuals with no prior experience. Participants were asked to perform tasks such as creating and restoring a cryptocurrency wallet and receiving and sending cryptocurrency. After each task, participants evaluated the overall UX and UX components, including usability, affect, sociability, social value, economic value, and trust, on a 101-point scale. Linear regression analysis was used to determine the relationship between UX and UX components. The results show that usability and trust are the key independent variables that affect UX, better usability leads to better UX, and a higher level of trust in the service offered also contributes to better UX.

Keywords: Cryptocurrency wallet, UX model, Linear regression, Blockchain service, Blockchain based service, Usability, Trust, Regression models

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003229

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